We are offering four farm and sing camps in 2019.  These camps are for adults (people under 18 must be accompanied by a parent or other responsible adult) Camps will be around one week long.  More details coming soon!

Watch this video of us singing to our sheep

January:  Apple Wassail.  At this quiet time of year, we’ll have a lot of time to sing!

  • Songs:   British traditional apple wassail songs; midwinter Ukrainian songs; and some very sad, wintery Shape Note hymns.
  • Farm:  Plum jam; carding and spinning wool with a drop spindle; making healings salves from bear fat and tree buds and resins; feeding the sheep and chickens; hard cider 101
  • Ritual:  Apple Wassail.  We’ll end this session with our annual apple wassail celebration, where we thank and bless our apple trees with songs and toasts.

March:  lambs lambs and more lambs!

  • Songs:  songs about birds and sun and green grass to give us hope!
  • Farm:  Bottle feeding lambs, milking sheep, feeding sheep, and more bottle feeding lambs, cheese making.
  • Ritual: Spring Equinox. We’ll dress like bears, dance around our house,  sing of course, and eat pancakes smothered in fresh sheep yogurt and butter.

June:  Green Grass

  • Songs:  ancient Lithuanian summer solstice songs, songs about trees
  • Farm:  Sheep milking, rotational grazing; wild medicinal herb gathering; vegetable garden planting; honeyberry picking; but mostly– thinning apple fruitlets.  Way too much to do and not enough hours in the day!
  • Ritual: Summer Solstice.  We’ll rise at dawn, wash our face in the magical summer solstice morning dew; bedeck ourselves and our beehives, sheep, and chickens with flowers and greenery; and sing.

September or October:  Apple Harvest

  • Songs:  harvest songs from Lithuania, Georgia, England and more.
  • Farm:  apple picking, cider making, sheep milking, putting food by; honey harvesting
  • Ritual:  fall equinox, or Halloween/Samhain, depending on when we do this.  A walk through the woods to a magical rock, a silent supper, and singing.





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