Farm Intern Opportunities 2017

ALL POSITIONS FILLED, try back next year

1. Shepherd/farm helper:

*April 15- Oct 1, 1-2 week break in mid July

*$150/week plus room and most board/ 40 hrs

*start and end time negotiable

*could be for a single person, or a couple or pair of friends

Job description:

Sheep and lambs—this is the bulk of the work!

  • Rotationally graze ewes and lambs with electric netting, moving them every 12-48 hours
  • Water, minerals
  • Milk 40 ewes, by machine and by hand
  • Muck out barn/parlor
  • Basic health checks

Apples and other fruits and berries:

  • Mulching, fertilizing, weeding, mowing
  • Apple thinning
  • Berry picking
  • Apple harvest
  • Cider, juice, & vinegar making and bottling


  • Build frames
  • Help with inspections
  • Extract and bottle honey
  • Other:


  • Farmers markets
  • Farm store
  • Chicken/pig care
  • Harvest wild herbs and foods for ourselves, our salves, and our sheep,
  • Homestead vegetable gardening
  • Salve and candle making
  • General farm maintenance/clean up

 Learn about: organic apple orcharding; beekeeping without chemicals or antibiotics; small scale organic sheep dairying

Housing: Private room in our farmhouse, outdoor kitchen.   Basic bulk food (rice, beans, lentils, flour, oats) provided, plus access to farm food (garden veggies, some dairy, some meat, eggs). Lunches provided on most work days.

2. Early season orchard help:

*June 1-June 15

*$125/week plus room and most board for 40 hrs OR $50/week for 30 hrs

*could be for a single person, or a couple or pair of friends

Job Description:

Primarily thinning apples, plus a little bit of all of the above. Apple trees tend to be biennial—that is, bear fruit every other year. To avoid this, and to have higher quality, bigger fruit, 25%-90% of the fruitlets need to be thinned. Conventional apple orchards spray a chemical on the tree which causes it to abort the fruit; as organic growers we need to do it by hand.

3. Apple Harvest

*August 25-October 25

*$150/wk plus room (may need to be shared room) and most board for 40 hrs , or $50/wk for 30 hours

*2-4 positions, depending on size of the crop

Job Description:Apple picking, cider making plus helping with all of the above farm chores.

Requirements for all positions: Genuine interest in farming, in sheep, hard worker, ok working outside in rain/snow/heat/bugs, work well with other people, work well alone

How to apply: Write me an email, maria(at)catehillorchard(dot)com. In it, tell me which position you are applying for. Tell me about specific relevant skills you have, &: *Why farming? *Why our farm? *Any farming experience? *communal living/work experience?* Are you interested in learning about sheep, orchards, and/or bees? *Do you have a car? *Ok with basic living conditions? *Ok with working outside rain or shine? * Ok with boring and/or hard work? * Any sales experience– do you think you would enjoy farmers markets? *Any graphic design or social media experience? *Able to lift 50 lbs?* Any experience working with animals? There are so many different hats to wear as a farmer, it’s helpful for us to know which aspects of the farm you are interested in.


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