Cate Hill Orchard now offering Full-Season CSA shares for 2019!

more info coming soon….

Located in the beautiful and remote Northeast Kingdom, we are a small, diverse permaculture/organic family farm, with a 5 acre apple orchard; 45 milking ewes; 0-90 or so lambs (depending on the season); an organic market vegetable garden; usually a couple of chickens and pigs; and a small apiary.  We sell most of our goods at the Capital City Farmers Market in Montpelier.  Depending on the season we might have:

  • certified organic apples, plums, pears, sour cherries, honeyberries, & seaberries

  • farmstead sheep cheese

  • Fresh raw organic apple cider and berry juices

  • Apple Cider Vinegar

  • Grass fed lamb, by the whole, half, or cuts

  • Wool, yarn, and sheepskin rugs

  • Honey—no chemicals or antibiotics used on our hives

  • Animal fat salves made with 100% local ingredients

We are working towards a low input, perennial based agriculture, modeled after nature’s complexity, and where all enterprises are multi-purposed and connected.  Interspersed among our fruit trees are plantings of herbs and flowers, which act as pest confusers and homes to wild pollinators and other beneficial insects.

  • The bees pollinate the apples.

  • The apples feed the sheep.

  • The sheep fertilize and mow the orchard.

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