Welcome to Cate Hill Orchard & Sheep Dairy

We are a low-input, perennial- based agriculture farm, dedicated to bringing you products grown and raised in an environment rich in diversity, where all enterprises are multi-purposed and connected. 

Located in the beautiful and remote Northeast Kingdom, we are a small, diverse permaculture, organic family farm. 

We nurture 5 acres of apple orchard, 45 milking ewes, lambs, an organic vegetable market garden, chickens, pigs, and a small apiary. 

What does it Mean to Be a Low-Input, Perennial-based Agriculture Farm?

What Does It Mean To Be A Low-Input, Perennial-Based Agriculture Farm? 

following nature's lead

At Cate Hill, we model our practices after nature’s complexity to create a sustainable, thriving ecosystem. 

The Bees Pollinate the Apples

The Apples Feed the Sheep

The Sheep Fertilize and Mow the Orchard