Maria Schumann: is a farmer, folklorist, cheesemaker, singer, ritual practitioner. She grew up in Glover, Vermont on the Bread and Puppet farm, where singing, puppet shows, gardening, and sheep were part of her daily life.  She sings and teaches songs in her kitchen, in apple orchards and barns, and whenever she gets the chance.

Josh Karp: The farm orchardist, bookkeeper, beekeeper, carpenter, and maintenance man.  Josh grew up on this farm and has a deep knowledge of the terrain and local community.  He has worked as a trash hauler, carpenter, dishwasher, recycling attendant, apple tree pruner, and selectboard clerk.  A gifted singer, Josh moves between tenor and bass, as needed.

Ira Karp: Ira loves cooking, reading, taking walks, meeting new people, old friends, playing piano, drumming, puppet shows, parties, the Wizard of Oz, fairy tales, school, parades, and top 40 pop radio. He will be a freshman in high school next fall. He is the heart of our farm!


A short movie Maria made. Make sheep great again! 

Apples, sheep and singing by Elizabeth Rossano

Article about our Beirut benefit:

Maria and Josh singing for Ukraine, by Erica Heilman

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