Our ancestors were farmers, philosophers, musicians, storekeepers, butchers, judges, soldiers, generals, merchants, cabinet makers, serfs, revolutionaries, artists, weavers, singers, teachers, feminists, housewives, intellectuals, mothers,  professors, fathers, sisters, brothers.  They packed all their possessions into bags and sailed across oceans.   They fled wars, fought in wars, died in wars, were murdered in the holocaust.  They sang, they embroidered, they cooked , they gardened, they gathered, they hunted, they wove, they knit, they recited poetry,  they sang, they danced, they prayed, they visited, they honored their ancestors.   We thank them for their many gifts.


Our farm sits on unceeded land of the Nulhegan Band of Coosuk Abenaki Nation.
Our farm was settled in 1840 by Scottish farmers. first the Babcocks, then the Mclarens.  They  cleared the fields, built the stone walls, planted the apple trees, and built the house , shed and barn, without tractors, fossil fuels, or power tools.

Josh’s parents, Erika and Larry Karp, bought this farm in 1966. Both trained teachers/early educators, they also held a deep commitment to the land. They raised beef cattle, kept pigs and chickens, milked a cow, tended beehives, and planted and harvested beautiful gardens. They also planted the farming bug in Josh, and, when the time came, Erika passed the farm on to Josh and his brother.

Workers Friends Family Neighbors Customers:

for time, sweat, land, songs, money, presence, conversation, mentorship, support, love! So many people have helped us over the years, thank you all! …and we apologize if we forgot anyone!

Maggie McCaffrey, Ken James, K. Laub, Anne, Dhuha Saaba, Hayley Lewis, Sarah Robear, Hayley Sowden, Kaitlyn Wachter, Erin, Laura Cousineau, Carrie Abels, Jamie Ross, Rye, Phil Rosenblum, Tyson Houseman, Katya, Maddie, Loran, Zach Jenson, Ben Rubin, Brandon Erny, Esteli Kitchen, Hannah Tischkoff, Jonathon Berger, Alexis Smith, Sharon Fialco, Sophie, Flannery McDonald, Pavi Mehta, Polash Chowdury, Jocelyn McElroy, Molly McElroy, Chris, Grace, Dima, David Asher, Kristin and Neil Urie, Michael Phillips, Mary Lake, Dan, Tamar Schumann, Ezra Halleck, Solveig Schumann, Sebastian Brecht, Salih Schumann, Max Schumann, Peter and Elka Schumann, Larry Karp, Erika Karp, Evan Karp, Emily Maclure, Scott Rubin, Barre Rubin, Lawrence Rubin, Dan Karp, Judy Carpenter, Gaelin Fisher, Heather Emerick, Ruth, Rick Morrill and Dawn Morgan, David and Jenny Stoner, Amy Skelton, John Downing, Jane, Mike and Lisa, Yona Yurwit, Elias, Eliza Jane,  Annie Liu,  Heather Morris, Heather Clark, Sarah Williams, Fede and Shanty, Viki Simone, Jeff Fellinger,  Emily and Vasilios Gletsos,  Ali Dineen, Kristi White, Isaac Fosi Van-Wyke, Elisabeth Rossano, Dale Wittig, E. , Chris Rumery, Anna Koehler, Mallory,  Vaiva Aglinskas, Nicholas Volpe….