Grass Fed Lamb


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We raise sheep for meat, fiber, and milk. We keep a flock of 30-45 breeding ewes (predominantly East Friesian with Awassi, Forest Clun, Laucaune, and Icelandic crosses thrown into the mix).
Our lambs eat certified organic hay and alfalfa in the winter; in the spring and summer, they graze on  lush grass, clover, and browse and are moved onto fresh pasture every day.  In the fall, they get tons of organic apple drops from our orchard.  We give them small amounts of organic grain for training purposes.

In the fall we offer whole and half lambs. Contact us to order.

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Ground, Shoulder Roast, Shank, Leg (Bone-in), Stew/Kebab, Loin Chops, Rib Chops, Rack, Sweet Italian Sausage, Organ Meats


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