12 Fridays of Makosh 2023

The 12 Fridays of Makosh: Women’s Slavic Magic, Craft and Ritual Working Group

When:  January 6-December 17 2023

Cost:  $660-$1980 sliding scale plus materials fee (approx. $175)

Meeting once month for a year, this group will take a deep dive into the folklore, magic, craft, and sacred traditions surrounding the powerful Slavic Goddess Makosh.

Makosh is the patron deity of women, women’s work, fiber arts, and fate. She presides over marriage and childbirth; spinning and weaving; magical knots and sacred springs. In pre-Christian times, Friday was a sacred day to her, and 12 Fridays a year were considered especially auspicious. On these days, women took time out from their busy workdays to honor her with fasting, offerings and rituals.

This class will be divided into 3 parts. Thursday evenings, Olga Stanton will teach an online class on the significance, magic, and practice of Makosh’s Fridays. On Fridays evenings the group will gather in person at Cate Hill Orchard, a working sheep farm and organic apple orchard in northern Vermont, to practice spells and rituals learned from Olga the previous evening. Saturday, also taking place in person at Cate Hill Orchard, will be devoted to fiber arts and crafts, for it is through working with our hands with natural fibers that we can connect with our ancestors, the natural world, and Makosh.

Our work with fiber will include: Spindle spinning. Natural Dying, including the foraging and collection of natural dye materials. Wild fiber foraging and processing. Ukrainian belt weaving. Slavic embroidery.

Class dates and Schedule:

Thursday evenings 8-9:30 EST on Zoom.
Fridays in person 5:30-8:30pm.
Saturdays in person craft and fiber arts day 9-3pm.

Jan 6– lecture only; Feb  2,3,4; March 9,10,11; April 6,7,8; May 4, 5, 6; May 18, 19, 20; June 8, 9, 10; June 29 & 30, July 1; July 27, 28, 29; October 19, 20, 21; October 26, 27, 28; Dec. 14, 15, 16. NOTE: There are NO Makosh Fridays in August and September, our ancestors were too busy during the harvest season. There are TWO Makosh Fridays in May, June, and October.

Olga Stanton is the writer and manager of MagPie’s Corner Facebook page who specializes in Eastern Slavic culture, folk traditions, and witchcraft.

Maria Schumann is a folklorist, farmer, singer and ritual practitioner. She milks sheep, leads singing groups, and practices bringing to life the ancient calendrical agricultural rituals of our ancestors, through community, song, and dance.

Lydia Wild is a weaver and fiber artist from Craftsbury

Guest teacher Bozena Hrycyna grew up in the Ukrainian diaspora community in Ontario, and has a life long commitment to the folk traditions, crafts, and songs of her ancestors. She’s a founding member of Kosa Kolektiv, a group of women in the Toronto area that aim to revitalize peasant folklore in an urban context, through singing, sewing, cooking, planting, crafting, putting on workshops and sharing ideas over tea and good food.

We are intentionally keeping the price low to make it affordable, and to frame it as a “Working Group” rather than a class. The $660 price works out to just $55 per weekend! If you can afford it, please pay the middle or upper end of the sliding scale. This will help pay for guest fiber arts teachers, support people who cannot afford the class, and make it possible for us to continue to offer classes and workshops. Thank you!!

*Meals and housing not included; contact us if you need help finding a place to stay.

*Class Size limited to 10


to register: save your spot with  $330 payment.  The rest of the tuition and materials fee will be due at the first in-person class on Feb 3.