Tree Song.  Tune, traditional Lithuanian.  Words made up. 

We sing this every year at our summer solstice dawn ritual.  I like to sing it to trees that grow near us.

Oh you, oh you apple tree, the earth it fed you, the rain it watered you, the sunshone down on you, the wind it blew on you.

2. Oh the Flying Crane  ByeloRus  

Oy     lyasyeli    zhurale-e-e,

Syeli   u poli na   ra-ale,    wo-o

Wo    syeli (u) po-oli   na-a   rale.

Syeli   u    poli   na rale-e-e,

Diy   gavorats    ab   rale,  wo -o

Wo   Diy   gavo-orats   a-ab rale:

Tsi   lyepshaya    ranyaya-a-a,

Tsi   lyepshaya   poznyaya, wo-o

Wo   tsi   lyepsha-aya po-oznyaya,

Oh the flying cranes They sat in a field on fertile land.  Either better early,  Or better late, And in the early planted fields, There is growing rye, and wheat, And later on the fertile fields,  Are only weeds, and bentgrass,



Saulala motula, uztekek, uztekek

Mother sun rise rise


Duno Upe  Lithuania

Voice 1

Dūno, dūno upė, dūno, dūno upė (repeats each verse)

Voice 2:

Dūno upė lylio, gilus ažerėlis
2. Dūno upė lylio, tamy ažarėly
3. Dūno upė lylio, plauko untinėlis
4. Dūno upė lylio, ir mano brolalis
5. Dūno upė lylio, gilus ažerėlis
6. Dūno upė lylio, tamy ažerėly
7. Dūno upė lylio, plauko daug žuvelių
8. Dūno upė lylio, ateis ribokėlis / žuvėjėlis
9. Dūno upė lylio, išgaudys žuvelas
10. Dūno upė lylio, daug yra žuvelių

The river is flowing….. is about deep lake with a duck, my brother and a lot of fish swimming in it. Then the fisherman will come and catch all the fish…


Jorja—Lithuania—Call and response song for spring.

Jorja, geras vakaras

Jorja, paimk raktus

Jorja, atrakink žami

Jorja, išlaisk žolali

Jorja, žolali šilkini

Jorja, raseli meduotu

Žolale bus del arklaliu

Rasele bus del veršeliu.

Jorja, good evening Jorja, take the keys Jorja, unlock the earth Jorja, let out the greenery Jorja, the silken grass Jorja, the honeyed dew The grass will be for the horses The dew – for the calves

Heavy  , Ned Moore, contemporary.

Oh, oh heavy our load

Hope up high in the sky for everybody

Oh lord it breaks our bones

Life is short but the reach is long

The lord won’t take what you won’t let go

If god was gone we’d know

Way up high, waydown low

I’m going to let you go, whoa

Iavnana  Georgian Healing song, Pshavi region

Iavnana    vardo   nana     Iavnani     nao


Iavnana Healing Song, Georgia Racha region

I avnana-a     Bato-onebo   vardo    bato-o nebo

I avnana-a    Bato-onebo    Vardo    Bato-o nebo

Daatkbit     datkbit,   da   sho-o   shin  dit  vardo bato-o nebo

Datkbit    datkbi-it,   da sho-o    shin  dit  vardo  bato-o  nebo

O violet, nana, o lords, o roses, lords, / amuse yourselves, calm yourselves, o roses, o lords.”


Shtoy Pa Moru Byelo Rus

Shtoy   pa-a-a-a   mo-o-oru,    wo-o-o,   shtoy    pa    moru

Shtoy    pa    moru   moru    si-i-inyamu

Shtoy    pa    moru   moru    si-i-inyamu

Tam     pla-a-a-ava-a-ala,    wo-o-o-   tam     plavala

Tam     plavala   stada   byelikh    lyebyadzay

Tam     plavala   stada   byelikh    lyebyadzay

Sa    ma-a-a-ali-i-imy,     wo-o-o   sa malimy

Sa    malimu     lebyaza-a-atami

Sa    malimu     lebyaza-a-atami

Adkhu-u-u-l uzyausa, wo-o-o-  adkhul uzyausya

Adkhul    zyausya   shiza    bye-eli   arol

There by the blue sea There floated a flock of white swans  With small swans (cygnets)

Where did it come from the glaucous eagle Scattered flock across the sea White down floating in the sky

Grey feathers in a green meadow And who is gathering up the feathers A beautiful maiden is collecting feathers


The Hills.  Tune, traditional Lithuanian, words made up

Oh the hills they turn from green to gold, and the hills they turn from gold to grey

And the hills they turn from grey to pink, pink to green….


Little Flower , Contemporary U.S,  Channing Showalter

One night, as I went out

In the dark I heard the frogs a peepin’

And I had no light to find my way

I walked slow and careful, slow and careful

I forgot, I forgot

To leave a door open behind me

That I might find my way home again, home again

Under my feet, the path winding through the forest

And if I stray, blue ghost, blue ghost lead the way

I forgot, I forgot

To leave a doll in my pocket

To tell the way when I don’t know, I don’t know

Oh love, where’d you go

The way is dark, I’m alone, I‘m alone

I’ll build myself a door

With golden trim follow the grain to the river

I’ll forge a key of brass

Unlock the past find my way to the river

I don’t know, I don’t know

What lies behind or before me

The way is dark but I can see, I can see

Open the door and go in, I go in